Every business has its own unique needs and that is why finding the right online marketplace on which you can effectively sell your products online. Luckily, if you are some that wants to sell products online, there are so many marketplace options out there that the only thing you have to do is figure out which one is the right one for you. In this article we will show you three options that will hopefully help you narrow down the choices.


If you are interested in selling antique pieces and vintage products online, then this is the perfect marketplace for you to use. The site promises that there are no commissions or any listing fees, because instead of that GoAntiques charges its users a flat fee with basic membership deals that start at $24.99 a month. In addition to this, the site offers easy-to-use tools that that allow its retailers to edit their multiple listings as well as view stats on their sales. The only downside of this marketplace is that it is not as advanced as some of the other marketplaces out there, and sometimes this is a fact that can turn potential customers away.


As a marketplace goes, Shopify is not a typical one. Shopify is actually an ecommerce platform that gives its users the ability to actually create an online store where they can sell a wide variety of products. One of the main benefits of Shopify is that you, as a user, have the complete freedom to design your own professional-quality online storefront by using any of the 100+ templates that are available to you. Because of this, you can save money when it comes to development costs without having to sacrifice the website’s quality and efficiency. If you decide that this is the way in which you want to sell your products online, you can choose between multiple monthly plans ranging from $9 all the way up to $179 per month depending on what your needs are. As a bonus, some of the plans also offer a change for you to market your products on across multiple channels, such as Facebook and MilChimp.


This marketplace allows you to design and sell your products online in a variety of different categories. Once someone purchases your design, CafePress will produce it using its print-on-demand technology and handle all of the payment transactions that will occur, as well as the delivery or any returns that might come up. This is a huge bonus because when the marketplace is handling all of these details, you can relax and focus on creating more innovative designs that you can sell. When it comes to payment, CafePress has no set-up fee and offers its users commissions on all sales and the users can choose whether they want to have 10% deducted from their monthly royalty checks or pay a pre-set fee each month.

When choosing the marketplace on which you will proceed to sell your products, the one thing you need to remember is that not all of them were made equal. Some of them have proven to be very valuable resources, while others simply charge you a fee without bringing you a sufficient amount of customers. That is why, no matter what you intend to sell, it is really important that you put the right time and effort into researching before you make the final decision.