Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Is Still An Effective Method For Small Businesses To Market Products Online

To have an all-encompassing and successful online marketing campaign, Pay Per Click (PPC) should be on your business growth agenda. Most entrepreneurs overlook the importance of PPC. The result: Passing up opportunities to scale their businesses quickly and in a profitable and controlled way. Whether you’re leveraging Google Adwords, Twitter promoted tweets, Bing Ads or even Facebook Ads, PPC advertising is an effective method to reach your potential customers and selling products online will not feel like work. Below are the reasons why Pay Per Click Marketing is an essential part of your small business growth:

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1. Pay Per Click is a cost-effective way to market products online

The common misconception about PPC advertising is that it’s relatively expensive. Online business owners have read articles and blog posts that stereotype PPC advertising as a complete waste of money. It’s perfectly true that if you indulge in PPC advertising without a clear strategy, you might end up spending a ton of money with no results. That’s why you need to start slow, measure results and enhance your PPC marketing campaigns based on those results.

2. It’s an effective method to get target traffic to your business online, fast

For your online business to succeed, you just don’t need any traffic. You need targeted traffic that will convert. For most online business owners, SEO is what pops to mind first when looking for targeted traffic. However, SEO takes time to kick in. PPC advertising is what will garner you a ton of targeted traffic fast. A great PPC advertising strategy, combined with high converting web pages and quality product offerings will surely bring your online business to the next level quickly.

3. It’s an effective way to test if selling products online really brings in the required margins

Most online entrepreneurs have elegant websites and offer high-quality products, but they are not quite sure if the products bring in the required profits. The easiest way to test the performance of your products is to run a Pay Per Click advertising campaign using Google Adwords that targets 1000 visits. You can then measure results based on those 1000 visits. This campaign will cost you money, but it will provide you a benchmark to grow your business exponentially if you intend to be in the online business environment for the long term.

4. It synchronizes perfectly with other digital marketing channels to grow your business online faster

Integrating PPC into your digital marketing strategy will enable you to achieve results much faster. For example, if you are using dynamic search ads campaign to grow your business online, you can use PPC advertising to determine which keywords align with your online business. PPC can also help you test keyword effectiveness to ensure you’re using qualitative keywords to attract customers. PPC can also help to fortify your email marketing campaigns.

5. Sophisticated marketing technique such as retargeting is made easy using PPC advertising

Retargeting (remarketing) is among the most effective marketing techniques to beef up your conversions. It involves creating strong marketing campaigns to target consumers who visited your website but did not convert. Google Adwords can help you with retargeting by giving you a code (cookies) that allows your website to track those customers that visited your site but did not buy anything. After tracking those customers, you can formulate targeted marketing strategies that promise your customers incentives if they revisit your website and buy products and services.

Pay Per Click Advertising is a marketing strategy that can work on any kind of business, but small-scale businesses need it more. You can use PPC advertising for selling products online, raise your online business awareness or generate quality leads from Google or social media.